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State Fairgrounds Pioneer Building

  • Fairpark equipment for rental is limited to inventory on hand. Fairpark personnel must operate all equipment, requiring an operator. No equipment may be used off of the grounds. Renter and/or exhibitors are requested to bring their own tools, ladders, brooms, dollies and other items required to build or transport their exhibit. Tools, cars, etc., cannot be loaned to anyone, under any circumstances.

    Bleachers (dimensions: 15'w x 10'd) - $100.00/ea./show

    Tables (5' round - 8' banquet) - $8.00/ea. per day

    Tables (6' round) $9.00/ea. per day

    Chairs (folding medal) $1.50/ea. per day

    Chairs (folding banquet or garden plastic) $2.50/ea. per day

    Picnic Tables $12.00/ea. per day

    Rope Standard $1.00/ea. per show

    Portable (PA) System & Speakers (Portable Sytemes) $200.00 per event

    Stages (ample 4' x 8' 2'h available) $30.00/ea. per event

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